John de Ruiter Radio is

John de Ruiter Radio contains dialogues between John and those attending his meetings worldwide, from 1999 to the present. Deep, profound, and even light-hearted at times, these dialogues have changed the lives of many, opening a new perspective of the purpose of life. These talks are available as podcasts on iTunes, and MP3 products on the John de Ruiter website.

Topics include Relationship, Parenting, Enlightenment & Awakening, Meditation, Life After Death, Unveiling Reality, Consciousness & Awareness, Death, Sexuality, Meaning of Life, Feelings & Emotions, Pain & Suffering, Health & Illness, Subconscious Mind, Human Evolution, Spirituality, Energy Centers / Chakras, Environment, Work, Money, What we Come Into After we Die, and more!

Dialogue and connection with John de Ruiter awakens unseen levels of consciousness and greater reality through core-splitting honesty. Meetings with John focus on openness and softness, okayness, and purity of heart to realize the full spectrum of human life, true being and inner peace evolving from the innermost to life as a person on earth.

Please Note: This Radio Station is streamed at 64kbps and is designed to listen to on the go (Data Plan.) This means the audio quality is slightly reduced, but you will only use around 23MB of data per hour as opposed to 800-900MB per hour for the YouTube version of the radio.